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In addition to a communications education and her 25 years mastering the art of compelling wordplay, in both, corporate and stage settings; Teri is a lifelong Picky Eater. This style of eating seeded a successful plant based food blog as well as a Certified Plant Based Nutrition Coaching business. Thus blending all her natural talents and interests into one complete garden of growing potential!

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No one offers this brand of promotions in the plant based industry! The best part is as part of The Picky Eater Club – our sister food blog company- we are a trusted resource for healthy eating and are known to only represent clean label, plant based product and/or eco friendly non food based items we truly believe in! And our readers do too!

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Our team would love to deliver a WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED nutritional -know how- with a side tasty sampling! We bring the most reputable, clean label and eco friendly group on our client list as a way to introduce a plant based healthy eating lifestyle!


Make the transition at your own pace! Let’s meet up (no pun intended!) to tailor a program that crushes your old goal setting techniques!

Find your shift in value to improve your health, your fitness and your mental well being beginning with easily achievable goals of swapping out animal proteins for whole food, plant based nutrition!

One month, one day, one meal or even one item at a time- make lasting improvements that will turn your life around!

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Hello All Women Owned Businesses, start ups and supportive Friends!
I love giving great big shout outs to foods and products I can’t live without! This Picky Eater Club award for BEST CHOCOLATE ON EARTH goes to… Blissfully Better! I can not express the degree to which the @blissfullybetter chocolate company has moved the already high chocolate standards of this picky eater to an “out of this world” new bar of excellence. BEST PART- A LOW GLYCEMIC SWEET!!!!! HELLO!!!
Then to detail the goodness that is the owner- Bonnie, as well as her phenomenal organic ingredients. And I am not just talking about the chocolate!  A truly, “salt of the earth” woman with a fascinating story. ( This creation of her own, adapted from a recipe that was handed down, was so incredibly delicious that she brought it to the whole world! I know you may think you have tasted the best chocolate on the planet, but if you didn’t taste Blissfully Better… then you MUST!!!!
(not paid promotion just genuine love for Blissfully Better and Bonnie!!!)
Join me if you support women owned businesses, #chocolate and/or want to give a shout to your biz! Follow back, like, comment and let’s help spread the word about the best women owned business!

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Hi Teri,

I LOVE the attachment, so nice!! I have shared your email with Alicia who does our social media, she may reach out to you about this.  Thank you for the fabulous copy, I’m blushing over your lovely comments!!!

May each of your days be Blissfully Better,


— Bonnie Boroian
Founder/CEO, Blissfully Better LLC