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Teri Granahan
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Shadowcatcher Photography

My name is Teri Granahan.

I am a lifelong picky eater who happened to be able to see and relay the humor available in most things. My adventure as a Picky Eater started young and remained pervasive throughout my years. Although my life and career choices have taken me coast to coast, the one constant companion were my “quirky” pain in the a$$ eating regimens. Little did I know how my paths weaved together the most interesting mission.

Graduating with a BA in interpersonal communications in the mid 90’s led me into an obvious career choice, that of a stand up comic. While pursuing that albatross of a dream, with some mild success over a decade, and concurrently learning the ins and outs of the health and wellness industry at large through my mirad of day jobs- I had unknowingly refined the skill set of story telling and presenting information in a memorable way that would become my real passion. Offering information on how to satisfy a picky eater as the topic or focus is a bonus passion that I have lived for just about 50 years..

Essentially the compilation of 15 years of my life as a comic begot my godsend “real job” phase, as a natural products educator for a leading grocery chain. The last several years of that position had introduced me to the bounty that has become the natural foods market place. And that phase led me into the realization that people need some guidance in this market. The Picky Eater Club is the distillation of what has become second nature to me. Clean eating is a whole new world for some people. I am here to help, commissorate and recommend options to living a healthier lifestyle without compromising taste.