I am a Picky Eater on a mission!

A guide for those seeking healthier
tastier food options.

The plant based industry has come a long way since I walked away from most animal based products at the young age of 9 or 10. That was the early 80’s… you do the math. I don’t miss anything by eating plant based. I never really have. I am fortunate. That is not the case for everyone. I know I am not in a large boat loving veggies the way I do… but please consider, I have turned many a carnivore into a satisfied plant based eater! And as a Certified Plant Based Nutrition Coach and former natural products educator… on top of a lifelong PICKY EATER, I am certainly “in the know” as they say.

A great place to start…

The Picky Easter Club desires to help you grow a plant based life! I am sharing all I have come to know and love as a whole foods, plant based eater for 40 of my 50 years in this life.

Plant based isn’t and shouldn’t
mean what it used to!

Full disclosure, I have been a vegetarian most of my years, simply as my love for butter would dictate. There were no options, at least not where I grew up in the 80’s… except Molly Mc Butter. But there has been a revolution in the plant based food industry. It’s growth based not only on it’s substitutable strength but also because of the healthier lifestyle it’s aiding!

The Plant Based Food industry
Changed My Quality of LIFE!

Long have I been the odd one out at functions of every sort due to my Picky Eating nature and lack of available substitutes. But that life is no more as you just have to look at your local grocer and you’ll see something plant based and organic. And allow me to dispel the myth… these foods taste amazing! Well, again, full disclosure, some of them are amazing and others will just get a pass…however, I am a tough judge. That said, you can then trust me when I find a new product I love and shout it out because it improves the quality of life LITERALLY.

Said product has passed all smell, flavor and texture tests thus providing a game changing way of eating! I have products to eat AND bring to the party! I promise, if I take a liking to it, I have a need to shout it from the mountain tops I still live in! I Don’t believe me? See a few of my food rules below, in no particular order.

Food Rules

I don’t eat anything that smells like butt or feet.
Parmesan cheese, bananas

I don’t eat raw butter.
(It must be melted.)

I don’t eat public broccoli.
(As in displayed at front of grocery store)

I don’t eat eggs.
(They smell like dogs. Wet dogs.)

I don’t eat at buffets because of armpits and children.

Thankfully, the natural foods landscape has grown in an exponentially delicious way in the last 50 years. And yes, although there is a well deserved premium on those goods, they can be steep if you end up not liking it. So please allow me to guide you through the gauntlet of literally “tried and tested” foods based on my 1st hand experience and expert opinion as a lifelong picky eater!

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